Thursday Jul 18


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Village Approves New Tanker Purchase
New Tanker In Service
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Schuyler Hose operates with eight pieces of apparatus out of our station located at 35 Spring St. in the village.

  • ER-571 - 1500 gpm / 850 tank
  • ER-572 - 1250 gpm / 1000 tank
  • ER-573 - 1250 gpm / 1000 tank
  • TA-574 - 1250 gpm / 3500 tank
  • F-575 - high pressure pump / 220 tank
  • MR-576 - water rescue boat
  • T-577 - 95' Aerialscope
  • Car 57 & Car 570 - Command Vehicles

At the board meeting on June 8th the Village Board gave Chief Myers the approval to start the process of obtaining a new tanker to replace ETA-571 and TA-574.  Bids specifications have been drawn up and the procurement process will be initiated.  The new tanker will be a 1250 gpm 3500 gallon tanker on a commercial chassis.  The truck will also feature a unique self-filling vacuum system.




On December 29, 2011 Schuyler Hose Co. placed its new tanker in full service.  TA-574 is a 2011 E-One Water Master Vacuum Tanker on an International 7400 chassis with seating for a crew of two.  The tanker is equipped with a 1250 gpm Hale Pump, a Vacuum Pump and 3500 gallon aluminum water tank.

Water Master vacuum tankers can be filled at up to 2000 gallons per minute without a Class A Engine at the fill site using its unique self-filling vacuum system  The tanker can self-fill from up to three suction inlets using almost any alternative water source including ponds, rivers, lakes, ditches and swimming pools.

TA-574 is designated as the second due apparatus for all rural responses in our district and can also be used as a supply engine at any major village fires.  Two pre-connected attack lines are also available in the event a back up safety line is needed.  Equipment carried on TA-574 includes:

  • 3500 gallon portable pond
  • Turbo Draft
  • Suction Hose
  • Various sized adapters
  • 500’ of 5” LDH