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February 2020


February 4th – Station air compressor was taken out of service due to overheating.  A new compressor was purchased ($530 Tractor Supply).  Installation was conducted in house organized by Lieutenant Mark Wells.

February 5th – FF Laurie Scheuing completed the five module NYS OFPC Fire Officer I program.  The 63 hour Fire Officer I training program is based on the requirements found in NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications.  Topics include assuming the role of company officer, fire department organization, leadership, supervision, communications, building construction, pre-incident planning, and company level training.

February 7th-9th – Winter Storm 2020

  • Responded to 14 calls for assistance during the storm weekend.
  • The station generator would not start when we first lost power on Friday.  Thanks to Charlie Sherman who was able to get it started.  The village should consider a preventative maintenance contract.
  • Sometime Friday night the station's hot water tank failed and will need to be replaced.  This tank is the original one installed in 1977.  UPDATE - The fire station’s hot water tank has also been replaced.  Thank you to the DPW for installation.
  • ER-573 our main Engine encountered mechanical difficulties while responding to an alarm late Saturday night.  The fan imploded and destroyed the radiator.  A heavy tow was called (insurance should cover the tow cost) to bring the engine back to the station.  Millertown Garage assessed the damage on Monday and repairs will need to be conducted at their facility.  Arrangements have been made for ER-573 to be towed to repair facility tomorrow (weather pending).  Down time is expected to be three weeks.  UPDATE ER-573 has been repaired and was placed back in service on February 27th.

February 8th – FF Laurie Scheuing attended Calderwood Training Solutions “Creating Retention through Leadership” seminar.  This program focused on the inherit challenges faced by the fire services current battle with retention.  The seminar was sponsored by Schenectady County Office of Emergency Services and held at Schenectady County Community College.

February 11th – The “new” used Engine purchased in late December was sent to Keilan’s in Latham to be painted red.  Three quotes were acquired with Keilan’s being the most cost effective.  The work will take approximately one month.

February 16th – Captain Matt Derway and Lieutenant Matt Varner completed the NYS OFPC Ice/Cold Water Rescue – Technician Level course.  This 16 hour course covers advanced level ice rescue training including self-rescue, shore based ice rescue techniques, and go ice rescue techniques.  The course was hosted by the Round Lake Fire Department.

February 20th – Thirteen members completed the American Heart Association BLS Course.  BLS Course is designed for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to know how to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in a wide variety of in-facility and prehospital settings.  Training was conducted in house and instructed by Captain Derway and Chief Myers.

February 25th – President Richard Behrens, Past Chief Rick Drew and FF Jim Carr attended the Saratoga County Deceased Veterans Ceremony in Ballston Spa.  The ceremony honored World War II veteran and Past Fire Chief of the Schuyler Hose Company Charles E. Drew.

February 25th – Amkus hydraulic rescue tools were inspected and serviced by Bulldog Fire Apparatus.

February 27th – Five members were fitted for new turnout gear by MES FIRE NY.  NFPA standards require all turnout gear to be replaced every ten years.  As part of our gear replacement program a minimum of five sets are purchased annually.


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