Thursday Jul 18


The Schuylerville Fire Department is located in the County of Saratoga, Village of Schuylerville and was duly organized on August 15, 1836 as a village fire department.  The purpose and objective of the department collectively and members individually shall be to provide protection against fire and other disasters to the citizens of the Village of Schuylerville and its contracted districts.  The department will also provide protection and assistance when called upon under the rules governing the state mutual aid system.

It is the policy of the Schuylerville Fire Department to provide and operate with the highest levels of Safety and Health for all members.  The prevention and reduction of accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses are the goals of the Schuylerville Fire Department and its safety committee and shall be the primary consideration at all times.  This concern for safety and health applies to department members and to any other persons who may be involved in any fire department activity.


The fire department reorganized as the Schuyler Hose Company on November 16, 1953 and incorporated in 1973.


The fire protection area consists of the Village of Schuylerville, and portions of the Towns of Saratoga and Northumberland in Saratoga County and portions of the Towns of Easton and Greenwich in Washington County.  The protection area is approximately 20 square miles and composed of a mostly residential / rural atmosphere.  The village has a small downtown district with many small businesses.